Discover your potential

The goals you set today are the results you’ll get tomorrow.
Take progress one rep at a time.Why not start now? The future will thank you for te hustle.

Discover your potential
The goals you set today are the results you'll get tomorrow.
Take progress one rep at a time.Why not start now? The future will thank you for te hustle.
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Build your body by unleashing you

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Cardio Training

spinning class



group class

personal training

Yoga Class

Strengthening machine

boot camps

Shape workout class

Zumba Class

locker facility

weight loss

physio assessment


experienced trainers

diet counselling

cross fit training

Cardio training

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Pool Exercises

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Boxing circuit

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It's time, change your bodY

Female fitness is the total family fitness. Being backbone of the family it’s very essential for you to be fit and energetic. We have own custom plans for each individual depends on their need and area of interest. Certified trainers along with world class equipment’s will help you find you and redefine yourself.

Unleash yourself, relax yourself

Never knew losing weight and getting shape is fun? Then come and join us and enjoy your way to become fit. Get exercise both for your body and mind from so fitness.

Cardio Training

It helps to raise our heart rate, to face it our bodies were made to move. As our body is made to move, it gives shape to it. This movements makes our muscle stronger, and ones our muscle is stronger our body is more healthy and efficient.


It is the most efficient way of cardio work out. You will know what exactly your output of the session was. It helps you to burn faster, and give muscles the shape you always desired for. You can set the rhythm what your body needs or takes.

Spinning Classes

It helps to build muscle definition, and also reduce fat from our target areas to get the best shape on buttocks, hip, core muscles and thighs. Increasing and decreasing the tension will give you all new different dynamic for your workout to give result you desire.

Discover our trainers

SO FITNESS STUDIO is a high profile gym because it is a gym with Qualified Personal Trainers and Best certified Trainers in chennai.


Team Leader

Sarah Kumar is a high profile female fitness Trainer with 7 years of experience. She has worked with top celebrities in India.
She leads the entire team of 12 Trainers to give a perfect & safe workouts.

Little MARY


Physio assessment is needed to plan what your body needs and what your body takes. And here is our academically trained, well experienced Physio assist. Who can read your body and get plans according to your body.



She will be your personal trainer, personal means personal. You will not be thrown in to group where you will following others instruction. She will give you training plan which was designed only for you and help you achieve it and move up in the plan.



When you move to different level of training you need an expert, who is ready to take you and make you bite the best and show marvellous things your body can achieve which you never thought of. Gain confidence, and see your stepping to the world of being fit and being right.

Customers who talk about us

Hi this s Rekhasugumaran, If you are planning to hit the gym for the first time, then this is the right place. ‘SO fitness studio’ package is really interesting and helpful for those who are keen to lose weight. I am a beginner doing regular exercise with support from my trainer- ESTHER ND SARAH,They two r so kind and friendly �. The lady league over here is super cool, extremely helpful and very friendly. Join SO fitness studio and buck up to eat clean, train mean and get lean.

sugu reks

This is one of the best place for women’s only gym in chennai. Very good atmosphere and friendly trainers. Group classes are a highlight. Very good management…. They conduct lot of special activities to keep all entertained… Love this place! �

Shobana Balakumaran

I joined this gym without any prior knowledge about exercise or workouts. Their plan was pretty much customized and although I had their general package it felt like I was being trained by a personal trainer. The trainers were very friendly and help you out all the time. Best gym for women!!!

Rajathilagam Velmurgan

Great place for weight. The trainers are great and have a lot of experience. Great ambience good trained staff and really helping and Co-operation .they have the latest equipment and ambitious is awesome. Best gym for women…..

Pilip Prabha

I joined SO fitness gym 20 days back, and I started feeling the difference from the first week. The first thing I liked about the place is that they have a very scientific approach towards weight loss. They have the latest equipments and ambience is awesome. All Trainers are experienced and help you as and when required. They assess you based on your fitness, flexibility and then prepare a workout routine.

Divya Rammohan

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Group Class

A perfect way to show up what you got, and make new friends. Group activities will be conducted frequently to enhance mind game of individuals and there multiple benefits of it when we work as group.

Shape Workout Class

Most of times it’s not about weight loss or weight gain but it’s about getting the right shape in right places. It’s about modifying yourself to greater tailor made look. We listen to what you need, and design work out just for you as individual depends on your life style, food intake, work.

Yoga Class

We do not think we need to talk about yoga benefits, as everyone knows it. It’s a boon for human and here we add yoga to relax both your soul and mind giving uplift to your body. As we body is our index of what we are.

Our pricing tables

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